Project Overview

What is Keswa?

Keswa is a startup business established in 2020 as E-Commerce platform developed to provide authentic and high quality global and local fashion products by order to your door step with lowest price and best service. Keswa offers affordable online shopping platforms with a distinct tone focusing on women’s fashion, with all the categories like women’s clothing, men’s clothing, kids’ clothing, shoes and accessories, and 20,000+ styles. Keswa is a one-stop destination for fashion icons. Shopping became more enjoyable with the new Keswa mobile app and website. Welcome to the incredible world of Keswa, available in your pocket and at your fingertips.

Work Flow


*User Research
*User Persona
*User Journey


*User Flow
*Information Architecture
*High Fidelity Wireframes

UI Kit

*Visual Concept
*IU Kit for Developers
*Finalizing Layouts


*Database Creation
*APIs Integration
*UI Implementation
*Testing & Launching

User Insights

0 %

Of users are happy that all brands are in one place, because it’s easier to navigate between all brands

0 %

Of users are using online platforms, but prefer real live shopping in malls or stores.

0 %

Of users are not into shopping at all. Due to lost time, money and simply they are too lazy to do it.

User Personas

Sarah Hassan

Sarah is a 28 years old entrepreneur and women activist. She loves taking care of beauty and following up to date trends in fashion and makeup. Sarah is addicted to online shopping.

Pain Points

* Purchasing from different brands at once, without shipping costing a fortune.
* Seeing others experience with the platform to gain trust to purchase.

Needs & Goals

* Partnership with a 20+ most fashionable and loved brands. * A Review system on every product from our users.

Mariah Kassem

Mariah is a housewife who is interested in movies, food and fashion. She prefers to shop online using apps to save her time and effort.

Pain Points

* Can’t follow the high fashion styles of all brands easily.
* Can’t get back to a product she has recently viewed.

Needs & Goals

* Get Notifications about all the high fashion styles.
* Easily get back to the recently viewed products.

Mustafa Ayman

Mustafa is a 25 years old model who loves working out regularly and is so well aware of fashion and styles. He is a software engineer as well. He doesn’t have the time to go shopping; so he wants only one platform to ease the process for him.

Pain Points

* Difficulty of payment process in e-commerce apps.
* Can’t find the product he needs easily and quickly.
*Lack of sports clothes on e-commerce apps.

Needs & Goals

* Ease of payment and checkout process.
* High detailed search and filteration system to finds items more easily.
* Find all categories for all types of clothes.

User Flow

High Fidelity Wireframes

Website Wireframes

Mobile App Wireframes

Logo Construction

Logo Introduction & Fav Icon

Brand Typography & Colors










List of Features

Shop various offers and products

Find numerous categories and products and enjoy a non-ending offers all year along.

Scroll between all the brands you like

A partnership with 50+ from the most famous clothing brands around the globe; all in one place.

Fully Detailed Filteration System

Filter and find products much easier with a much detailed filteration system for each category.

Easy Payment & Checkout Process

Checkout & Payment process made easier and on one step only…

Online Wallet For Easier Transactions

Pay and recieve refunds with our online wallet system, add funds, see history and track your transactions easily…

Fully Review Purchased Orders

You can fully review your orders after purchase and even add images for supporting your review. Also see others reviews on products…

Shop various offers and products

Find numerous categories and products and enjoy a non-ending offers all year along.

Fully Review Purchased Orders

Easily split and track each package of your order and see progress for each one…

Dashboard Wireframe

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